No matter the life stage, my life has revolved around writing and college basketball. Well, obviously other things like family and career, but my outside interests always come back to those two constants. I grew up the son of a middle school teacher and basketball coach, and for years we had season tickets to UVa games. I was so very fortunate as a kid–got to see Clyde Austin, Ralph Sampson, those Carolina teams with that guy Jordan. I can still remember the Thacker/Packer Report and Bones McKinney, and that vinyl flip “scoreboard” in the corner at Carmichael.

So that was the spark, and I carried it through my time at VCU and into my career. Life steered me where it wanted, but there was always basketball. Eventually I wrote the book Cinderella: Inside the Rise of Mid Major College Basketball, and it was very successful for a mediocre book, and somewhat successful in general.

I’ve always been lucky.

To me, this is all about perspective. That’s my goal. You see, I cannot tell you what to think or how to think. Everybody has their own mind, their own passions, their own influences, and their own motivations. All I want to do is give you things to think about. It’s up to you from there.

That’s why VCU basketball is woven in Ken Pomeroy, Buddhism, and who really knows what other context. It comes to me at random times and in random places. That’s the passion of this program, and this sport. We have something different and wonderful, so appreciate that.

And if you have feedback: mglitos1 AT gmail DOT COM.

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